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AARON COX (? to 1807) Genealogy Information generously provided by Judy Bennett ( judykben@cox.net )

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I descend from Charles Cox's son Aaron and wife Mary (?), his son Eli and Sarah Brown, his son Asa and Nancy Harris (they died in Hardeman County TN). Their daughter, Mittie was my great great grandmother.

I am attaching a report from my genealogy software to give you my line. It is not complete as I am having trouble putting in some of the dates. However, please note some of the land transactions on Eli.

I will get started on the other land transactions - almost 200 of them - as soon as possible.

Enjoyed looking at your web page.

We have been to Raleigh to the library to work on genealogy (I am working on many lines) and hope to come through there midsummer after a visit to D.C.

The credit for the information on my line goes to Fae Owens of Bolivar TN. She is a descendant of the Cox line.

                    Judy Bennett

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(1) 1 Charles COX


Death:         1771


Spouse:        Rebecca


Children:      Aaron (-1807)

               Charles Jr.






(2) 1.1 Aaron COX


Death:         1807


Spouse:        Mary

Death:         abt 1825


Children:      Eli (1786-1860)






               Aaron Jr.







(3) 1.1.1 Eli COX


Birth:         18 Sep 1786, Onslow Co., N.C.

Death:         5 Dec 1860, Hardeman Co., TN


Deed Book 16 (1827-1828)

Page 14 -Jan 17 1826.  Eli Cox for 400 dollars sold to Cader Cox 300 acres at the line of Benjamin Marshborn, John N. Jarmon, and Eli Cox (including the dwelling house occupied by said Eli Cox) and John Bailey, which is part of lands formerly owned by Aaron Cox, Sr., deceased, and was set off to Mary Cox, his widow, as dower and at her death said Eli Cox bought her rights from the heirs, that is his sisters and brothers:  John Bailey and wife, Ann; Charles Cox; Hardy Cox; Cader Cox; Sukey Cos; and Hardy Cox, heirs of Jesse Cox, Aaron Cox, William 1

Tippett and wife; and half to heir of Francis Humphrey and wife, Dorcas, Risdon Barrons, and wife , Sally.  See records of Jan 9 1811, Apr 1816, Feb 1815, June 1816.  (Both Humphreys deceased.)   And Hannah Marshborn, which half right is that if Patsy Humphrey, daughter of said Francis and Dorcas Humphrey.  Test:  Wm. Humphrey, Charles Cox.1


Note by Judy Bennett:  Eli moved to Hardeman County TN before 1831 as he is listed from the same souce noted above as living in Hardeman County TN 6 Jan 1831:


Deed Book 20 (1833-1834)


Page 33:  Jan 6, 1831.  Eli Cox of Hardiman County , Tennessee, sold to Charles Cox of Onslow Co. N.C., for 275 dollars, 3 tracts in Onslow Col, N.C., joingin Elam Ratliff and the land of Lott Cos, Chas. Barrono and the little NW branch of New River.  The first is 33 acres, being an undivided tract belonging to the heirs of Chas. Cox, deceased, by them conveyed to Cader Cox and by said Cader to me and patented by Charles Cox, Oct. 25, 1782.  Another tract adjoining, containing 58 acres, being the dower right of Hannah Cox, widow of Charles Cox deceased, and which belonged to Moses Cox and Charles Cox, heirs of Charles Cox, Sr., deceased.  Another tract which is 1/2 of 75 acres granted to Jesse Cox, long since dead, in 1793.  All together, 128 acres .  Tests:  James Glenn, James Wallace.


Spouse:        Sarah BROWN

Death:         abt 1836


Children:      Asa (1810-1858)



               Mary J.








               James A.

               Charles W.



(4) Asa COX


Birth:         8 Oct 1810, Onslow County NC2

Death:         23 Jul 1858, Hardeman Co TN

Burial:        Old Cox Family Cemetery, 4 mi. W of Lisbon community, NW of Middleton, Hardeman Co. TN.  3

Burial Memo:   Tombstone still standing 1993

Occ:           Farmer


4Will of Asa Cox:  Will Book 5, page 85, Hardeman Co TN

Made 23 Jul 1858

Does not name heirs

Executor , Samuel B. Harris, Cader Cox & my wife Nancy Cox

Recorded Sept term 1858


Probate Record )RD #866)  Hardeman Co TN.  Filed 16 Jan 1872


Petition of Nancy Cox, Needham Thompson & wife Mitty, Mary Cox, Jenny Cox, Tommy Tomson & wife Catharine of Hardeman Co TN.  Alexander Cox, John Lutrell (Littrell) and wife Elda of Stat of Miss.

Nancy Cox is widow of Asa Cox, dec'd who died in Hardeman Co TN 1858.

Dec'd left the following Hiers:

Amanda Shearon, wife of Bellfield Shearon of Gibson Co TN

Elda Littrell, wife of John Littrell of State of MS

Mitty Thompson, wife of Heedham Thompson of Hardeman Co TN

Catharine Thompson wife of W.T.F. Thompson of Hardeman Co TN

Jennie Cox of Hardeman Co TN

Lina Cox of MS



Spouse:        Nancy A. HARRIS

Birth:         28 Mar 1810, Davidson, TN

Death:         1 Dec 1888, Hardeman Co., TN

Burial:        Old Cox Family Cemetery3

Father:        Samuel Benton HARRIS Sr. (~1777->1833)

Mother:        Mary COATS (1777-1861)


4Filed 16 Jan 21 1872:


Petition of Nancy Cox, Needham Thompson & wife Mitty, Mary Cox, Jenny Cox, Thom Tomson & wife Catherine of Hardeman Co, TN.  Alexander Cox John Lutrell (Littrell) & wife Elda of State of MS.  That Nancy Cox is widow of Asa cox, dec'd who died in Hardeman Co., 1858.


Dec'd left the following Heirs:


Amanda Shearon, wife of Bellfield Shearon of Gibson Co., TN

Elda Littrell, wife of John W. Littrell of Stat of MS

Mitty Thompson, wife of Needham Thompson of Hardeman Co.

Alexander Cox of Stat of MS

Mary Cox of Hardeman Co., TN

Catherine C. Thompson, wife of W T F Thompson of  Hardeman Co., TN

Jennie Cox of Hardeman Co. TN

Lina Cox of MS


Marr:          Hardeman Co TN

Marr Memo:     Book 1, Pg 37, 22 Dec 1835


Children:      Amanda (1838-1901)

               Mittie (1840-1879)

               Eldy (1838-1916)

               Mary (~1843-)

               Ellen (~1844-)

               Alexander (~1847-)

               Cynthia (Catherine C) (1849-1925)

               Jennie (~1850-)


(5) Amanda COX


Birth:         11 May 1838

Death:         29 Jun 1901


Spouse:        Bellfield S. SHEARIN

Birth:         19 Jan 1835

Death:         Aug 1908

Marr:          15 Jul 1860, Hardeman Co., TN


(5) Mittie COX


Birth:         26 Nov 1840, Middleton, TN

Death:         10 Apr 1879, Middleton, TN

Burial:        New Hope Church Of Christ Cemetery, Lisbon, TN5



1879 17 Apr: Died 10 April at residence of N G. Thompson in 17th dist. His wife Mitty; 39 yrs, leaves 6 children all girls6


Spouse:        Needham Green THOMPSON

Birth:         31 Oct 1842, Middleton, TN

Death:         26 Oct 1914, Boonsville, Wise County, TX

Burial:        Grandview  Johnson Co TX

Father:        Thomas G. THOMPSON (1821-1892)

Mother:        Sarah (Sallie) Mariah (Margaret) ROSE (1824->1880)


Per article by Roger M. Koeninger in "Chillicothe Valley History":


Needham Green Thompson was a private in the Seventh Tennessee Cavalry and the 22nd Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States of America.  While in the cavalry, he rode with General Nathan Bedford Forrest, noted for his daring raids in Tennessee and Mississippi during the Civil War.


Copy of Confederate Roll of Prisoners of War:


e  7 Cav Tenn

N.G. Thompson Pvt Co E 7 Tenn Cav

Appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War paroled May 24, 1865 at La Grange, Tenn.

Roll dated  not dated

Where captured  Surrendered at LaGrange, Tenn

When captured  May 24, 1865

Remarks  Left his command at Oxford Miss May 1865


Another copy shows his card number as 44336279



Marr:          8 Aug 1864, Middleton, TN7


Children:      Mary Florence (1865-)

               Armitty Cordelia (1866-1951)

               Elda I. (Eldes E.) (1869-)

               Margaret Rubey (Ruby) (1871-)

               Syntha V. (1873-)

               Sarah Jerusha (1875-1932)


(5) Eldy COX


Birth:         30 Jul 1838

Death:         1916


Spouse:        John W. Luttrell LITTRELL

Birth:         1845

Death:         abt Jun 1908

Marr:          8 Mar 1866, Hardeman Co., TN


(5) Mary COX


Birth:         abt 1843


(5) Ellen COX


Birth:         abt 1844


(5) Alexander COX


Birth:         abt 1847


(5) Cynthia (Catherine C) COX


Birth:         1849

Death:         1925

Burial:        New Hope Church Of Christ Cemetery, Lisbon, TN8


Spouse:        Wm. (Tommy F.) THOMPSON

Birth:         1847

Death:         1900

Burial:        New Hope Church Of Christ Cemetery, Lisbon, TN

Occ:           schoolteacher9


Children listed were from 1880 Hardeman County TN Census4


Marr:          20 Jan 1869, Hardeman Co., TN


Children:      Asa L. (ca1872-)

               Attie C. (ca1874-)

               James A. (ca1876-)

               Millard W. (ca1878-)

               Dexter (ca1880-)


(5) Jennie COX


Birth:         abt 1850/1851


Spouse:        Needham Green THOMPSON

Birth:         31 Oct 1842

Death:         26 Oct 1914

Marr:          12 Jan 1880, Hardeman Co., TN


(4) Cader COX



Spouse:        E. BISHOP


(4) Alfred COX



Spouse:        S. BISHOP


(4) Mary J. COX



Spouse:        A. BISHOP


(4) Eldyess COX



Spouse:        I.M. MACON





Spouse:        J. ROGERS Jr.


Children:      Sarah








(5) Sarah ROGERS



Spouse:        J.W. ROSE


(5) Hiram ROGERS



Spouse:        Emily HUDSON


(5) Mary ROGERS



Spouse:        Bent HARRIS


(5) Michael ROGERS



(5) Jane ROGERS



(5) Jesse ROGERS



(5) Dolly ROGERS



(4) Susan COX



Spouse:        J. McDONALD


(4) Vashti COX



Spouse:        I.M. JMASHBURN


(4) Jonathan COX



(4) Bryant COX



Spouse:        C. BAILEY


(4) Sarah COX



Spouse:        J. LANIER


(4) James A. COX



(4) Charles W. COX



(4) Franklin COX



Spouse:        L. WELLS


(3) 1.1.2 Ann COX



(3) 1.1.3 Charles COX



(3) 1.1.4 Hardy COX



(3) 1.1.5 Cader COX



(3) 1.1.6 Jesse COX



(3) 1.1.7 Aaron Jr. COX



(3) 1.1.8 COX



(3) 1.1.9 Dorcas



Spouse:        Eli COX


(3) 1.1.10 Sally COX



(3) 1.1.11 John COX



(3) 1.1.12 Rebecca COX



(2) 1.2 Charles Jr. COX



(2) 1.3 Jasper COX



(2) 1.4 Susannah COX



(2) 1.5 Sarah COX



(2) 1.6 Moses COX



1. Zae Hargett Gwynn, Abstracts of The Records of Onslow County North Carolina  1734-1850, 1.

2. per census

3. 4 miles West of Lisbon community, NW of Middleton, Hardeman Co., TN  Tombstone standing 1993

4. Hardeman County Records, RD#866, Fae J. Owens.

5. Cemetery Records of Hardeman County TN compiled by Fae J. Owens.

6. Bolivar Bulletin, Fae J. Owens.

7. Hardeman County Marriage Records Book 5, Page 130

8. Cemetery Records of Hardeman County TN

9. 1880 Census, Hardeman County TN.




   UNNAMED                          (4)

   Dorcas                           (3) 1.1.9

   Mary                             spouse of (2) 1.1

   Rebecca                          spouse of (1) 1


   C.                               spouse of (4)


   A.                               spouse of (4)

   E.                               spouse of (4)

   S.                               spouse of (4)


   Sarah                            spouse of (3) 1.1.1


   UNNAMED                          (3) 1.1.8

   Aaron                            (2) 1.1

   Aaron Jr.                        (3) 1.1.7

   Alexander                        (5)

   Alfred                           (4)

   Amanda                           (5)

   Ann                              (3) 1.1.2

   Asa                              (4)

   Bryant                           (4)

   Cader                            (4)

   Cader                            (3) 1.1.5

   Charles                          (1) 1

   Charles                          (3) 1.1.3

   Charles Jr.                      (2) 1.2

   Charles W.                       (4)

   Cynthia (Catherine C)            (5)

   Eldy                             (5)

   Eldyess                          (4)

   Eli                              (3) 1.1.1

   Eli                              spouse of (3) 1.1.9

   Ellen                            (5)

   Franklin                         (4)

   Hardy                            (3) 1.1.4

   James A.                         (4)

   Jasper                           (2) 1.3

   Jennie                           (5)

   Jesse                            (3) 1.1.6

   John                             (3) 1.1.11

   Jonathan                         (4)

   Mary                             (5)

   Mary J.                          (4)

   Mittie                           (5)

   Moses                            (2) 1.6

   Rebecca                          (3) 1.1.12

   Sally                            (3) 1.1.10

   Sarah                            (4)

   Sarah                            (2) 1.5

   Susan                            (4)

   Susannah                         (2) 1.4

   Vashti                           (4)


   Bent                             spouse of (5)

   Nancy A.                         spouse of (4)


   Emily                            spouse of (5)


   I.M.                             spouse of (4)


   J.                               spouse of (4)


   John W. Luttrell                 spouse of (5)


   I.M.                             spouse of (4)


   J.                               spouse of (4)


   Dolly                            (5)

   Hiram                            (5)

   J. Jr.                           spouse of (4)

   Jane                             (5)

   Jesse                            (5)

   Mary                             (5)

   Michael                          (5)

   Sarah                            (5)


   J.W.                             spouse of (5)


   Bellfield S.                     spouse of (5)


   Armitty Cordelia                 child of (5)

   Asa L.                           child of (5)

   Attie C.                         child of (5)

   Dexter                           child of (5)

   Elda I. (Eldes E.)               child of (5)

   James A.                         child of (5)

   Margaret Rubey (Ruby)            child of (5)

   Mary Florence                    child of (5)

   Millard W.                       child of (5)

   Needham Green                    spouse of (5)

   Needham Green                    spouse of (5)

   Sarah Jerusha                    child of (5)

   Syntha V.                        child of (5)

   Wm. (Tommy F.)                   spouse of (5)


   L.                               spouse of (4)