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Cox Family Reunion - September 20, 1998

This family reunion was sponsored by numerous individuals and organizations and was held on the Cox Farm. More than 200 attended. Dennis E. Jones, principal of Richlands High School spoke on the history of the local community. The hosts were the children of Reuben and Evelyn Cox and their spouses. Photos appear below:

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Dennis E. Jones, Principal of Richlands High School, recited the family connections of the "Hominy Swamp Community" and the historical importance of preserving family history. Principal Jones' commitment to the entire community and to its history is legendary. His passion for genealogy and local history is always shown in his expert recollections of precise facts - and he is a master storyteller.

Afterwards, re-enactors donated new grave markers and performed a military ceremony at the graves of five local Confederate veterans whose gravestones had been damaged in past hurricanes.

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