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The English genealogy  
(With deep appreciation to Ms. Wynell Simpson 
WynellS@msn.com whose message is reproduced below):

"I have also been looking into the Bermuda and Bahamas Coxes. I know that some think that our Charles was the son of John and Martha Cox. John died leaving a will in Charleston SC. He did not name all of his children, but he did mention that he had more children than he named. Have you heard this story?

First Generation:
1. John COX. Born 1630 in Essex, England. Died 1677 in Bahamas. Residence Will 12 Mar 1677.
He married Joan / Jane SEYMOUR, daughter of Florentius SEYMOUR & Ruth PAYNTER, About 1655. They had the following children:
2    i.    Florentius COX

Second Generation
2. Florentius COX. Son of John COX & Joan / Jane SEYMOUR. Born 1660 in Bahamas. Died 1 Feb 1736 in Eleuthera, British Isles.
He married Mary ''Polly Ann'' RUSH, daughter of Isaac RUSH, 1680. They had the following children:
3    i.    John COX
4    ii.    Thomas COX
3    iii.    Florentius COX;

Third Generation
3. John COX. Son of Florentius COX & Mary ''Polly Ann'' RUSH. Born 1682. Died 1743/1744 in Charleston, SC.
Research: This is supposed to be the father of Charles Cox. Our Charles Cox.
Andreas Papers:
Colonial wills in Charleston, SC will dated 10 August 1738, pr. 18 Jan 1744
''My five children'' not named. Bro. Florentius
Martha remarried by 1744 a Beazley
''Martha may be nee Martha Spencer. May have had a son Spencer Cox whose will
was 1784 proven 1785: sister Sarah hamlet and probable bro John.
[from Andreas papers]
1741: John Cox was given land by proving that he had lived on it and had 5 persons in his family including a wife and 3 children.
He married Martha. They had the following children:
      i.    John COX
5    ii.    Joseph COX
6    iii.    Isaac Cox
7    iv.   Charles Cox (unproven)
8    v.    Jacob Cox
9    vi.   Elizabeth Cox"

(end of Ms. Simpson's materials)