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Corrinne's Story
contributed and written by Candis Allison Miles (Corrinne's daughter)

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The Woman Millard Loved:

Millard met Jane Ethel Huber in Seattle when he was in the U.S. Navy. They fell in love, but Ethel's father prevented them from getting married (Ethel was 17 years of age). Millard left for Atlantic fleet duty where he died on October 4, 1925. Ethel was saddened by the news for the rest of her life and stayed in touch with Millard's family.

Millard's Child:
Janey Corrinne Palmer

Ethel hid her pregnancy and married another sailor, George W. Palmer, to give her child a name. The marriage took place in Seattle. Corrinne was born October 2, 1924 in San Pedro, California. Ethel and George had a son, Richard, born on March 16, 1929 in San Pedro. They divorced soon after Richard's birth.

Corrinne: A Young Woman

Corrinne did not learn who her real father was until 1947. Corrinne and Ethel drove from Seattle to Raleigh in 1968 to meet Millard's family

Corrinne and Harold:

Corrinne married Harold Michael Allison in Seattle in 1945. They have four children and nine grandchildren. In 2001, they celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary.

Millard's Four Grandchildren
photo taken Easter of 1954 in Seattle

Left to right: Candis Lee (February 8, 1947); Calvin Terry (September 21, 1945); Michael John (February 6, 1948 to September 3, 1994); and Nancy Lynn Allison (March 30, 1949)

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Corrinne with granddaughters
Candis with her family
Hazel Cox with Gunar Clem and Nancy Allison. Nancy is Corrine's youngest child. (photo - April 30, 2003)


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