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Millard Lee Cox - February 4, 1903 to October 4, 1925
(Photos and narration by Major Joseph M. Cox, III, United States Army)

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The second oldest of the Cox children of Mary and Arthur, Millard was born on February 4, 1903. With his red hair, competitiveness, and classic identity features, he was a popular youth. He left the home place and joined the US Navy as soon as he was allowed by Arthur. While aboard ship in the Atlantic, he suffered a sudden, emergency appendicitis where adequate medical care was not available and died on October 4, 1925 at age 22. He was considered the most athletic of the Cox children. He was strong and had legendary balance - the ability to walk on his hands and outperform others in sports. He won many athletic prizes in his youth. After joining the Navy, he was an amateur wrestler and won several significant fleet championships in his weight class. The news of his death was a devastating trauma to all of the family. His Mother, Mary Cox, could not be comforted and appeared to suffer a "nervous breakdown" for a period. Millard was the father of a daughter and he acknowledged his responsibilities.  Millard is buried on the Cox Farm. Joseph M. Cox, his older brother, named his second son in honor of Millard with the same name.

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