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Genealogy of the Descendents of Charles Cox who settled Onslow County, North Carolina in 1741
The information below is reprinted with permission of the family of Woodrow W. Cox from The Heritage of Onslow County as published in 1983 by Hunter Publishing Company of Winston Salem. The publisher encouraged families in Onslow County to write educational materials about each family. The copyright is held by the Onslow County Historical Society and is reprinted here as educational materials. The family tree information and certain other information printed are public domain facts. Remarks in blue text are added (as is the circa 1913 photograph and other graphics).

Family home used in 1900 (built circa 1850)

Family home built in 1934

Children of Mary and Arthur Cox:

last first middle birthdate death
Cannady Annie Mae Cox 01-08-1908 08-13-1998
Huffman Esther Cox 01-14-1919 06-15-1997
Cox Millard Lee 02-04-1903 10-04-1925
Whaley Burma Dell Cox 02-21-1914 09-30-1997
Huffman Julia Grace Cox 03-17-1916 11-19-1995
Cox Joseph Manley 08-19-1900 10-29-1995
Cox Woodrow Wilson 09-26-1911 08-12-1993
Cox Hugh Dalton 10-08-1905 11-30-1988
Cox Reuben Crispus 11-25-1909 04-23-1978

Grandchildren of Mary and Arthur Cox 
(There are 2 additions to the list below - the daughter of Millard Lee Cox ('03-'25) and Charles Barnes Cox born to Joseph Manley Cox (1900 - 1995) and Maude Barnes Cox. Charles Barnes Cox was born after Joseph M. Cox, Jr. (1922) and before Millard Lee Cox (1931). Named for Maude's Father, Charles died as an toddler.)

last first middle jr parent grandparent birthdate
Allison Corrinne Palmer
Millard Lee Cox & Jane Ethel Huber Arthur & Mary Cox 10-02-1924
Brown Alice Cox
Reuben Crispis & Evelyn Paderick Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 06-04-1941
Canady Elbert Gairy Jr. Elbert G. Canaday Sr. & Annie Mae Canady Arthur & Mary Cox 04-23-1923
Canady William Arthur
Elbert G. Canaday Sr. & Annie Mae Canady Arthur & Mary Cox 03-30-1939
Cox James Orville
Reuben Crispis & Evelyn Paderick Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 03-11-1943
Cox Millard Lee
Joseph M. Cox, Sr. & Maude Barnes Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 12-27-1931
Cox Joseph Manley Jr. Joseph M. Cox, Sr. & Maude Barnes Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 10-09-1922
Cox Anthony Poe
Reuben Crispis & Evelyn Paderick Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 10-27-1935
Cox Hugh Dalton Jr. Hugh D. Cox & Hazel Taylor Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 10-25-1942
Dumphy Barbara Grace
Julia Grace & Garland Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 11-29-1937
Hawkins Jinnell Whaley
Rodolph & Burma Dell Whaley Arthur & Mary Cox 08-04-1937
Huffman Jerry Lowell
Drayford & Esther Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 09-12-1943
Huffman Kenneth Edward
Drayford & Esther Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 06-26-1945
Huffman David Cox
Garland & Julia Grace Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 05-06-1941
Huffman Garland Lynn
Garland & Julia Grace Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 09-03-1949
Huffman William Morris
Drayford & Esther Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 03-02-1941
Morris Betsy Cox
Hugh D. Cox & Hazel Taylor Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 12-25-1947
Padrick Mona Lou
Elbert G. Canaday Sr. & Annie Mae Canady Arthur & Mary Cox 09-21-1947
Radek Ann Huffman
Drayford & Esther Huffman Arthur & Mary Cox 02-13-1939
Sorrell Donna Cox
Woodrow & Doris Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 02-27-1948
Tripp Carol Whaley
Rodolph & Burma Dell Whaley Arthur & Mary Cox 09-18-1946
Vanalstyne Eleanor Cox
Reuben Crispus & Evelyn Paderick Cox Arthur & Mary Cox 02-17-1937
Whaley Rodolph Marion Jr. Rodolph & Burma Dell Whaley Arthur & Mary Cox 03-27-1935
Whaley Roberta Whaley
Rodolph & Burma Dell Whaley Arthur & Mary Cox 03-19-1942

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CHARLES COX 1  (My great-great-great-great grandfather)

The Charles Cox family story begins when he settled on the northeast side of little New River about three miles north of Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina.
He made claim by land grant on a 640 acre tract of land between Cox's run or mill bridge, Jenkins branch on the east, Cattail branch on the north, back to mill run on the west, down this mill run to mill bridge place of beginning. This area, now known as Hominy Swamp, lies between Ervintown section and Huffmantown community.

Children of Charles Cox and wife, Rebecca, according to his Will dated March 11, 1771, are- Charles Cox, Jr., who married (1st) Sally Thompson (2nd) Elizabeth Foster, September 12, 1830. Jesper Cox unmarried. Charles' deceased daughter married John Boston. Daughter Susannah Cox married Arthur Royals from Halifax County, Georgia. Daughter, Sarah Cox married Nathaniel Jones. Son Moses Cox married (1st) Hannah Williams (2nd) Elizabeth Foyld. Son Aaron Cox (for Aaron Cox's information, see www.coxhistory.com/AaronCox.htm ) married Mary Nixon.

wpe29.jpg (1009 bytes)

(Valuable Commentary from Wynell Simpson wynellgen@aol.com : I was once again looking at your web site. I just noticed that you have your Charles Cox (who married Sally Thompson and Elizabeth Foster) as the son of Charles and Rebecca Cox. I have your Charles Cox as the grandson of Charles and Rebecca Cox and the son of Aaron Cox (Aaron was the son of Charles and Rebecca Cox.) 
Do you have some independent information that shows your Charles as that son? I don't believe the dates fit for him to be the son.
I believe the Charles who was the son of Charles and Rebecca was b. 1737 and died 1772. His wife was Hannah.
Would you mind sharing with me your data that shows your Charles as the son of Charles and Rebecca Cox? I would love to get this straightened out.)

Charles Cox I built a water mill at the mill bridge site about 1745-1750 and settled down to fulfill sealing his rights of ownership by clearing and cultivating three acres for each one hundred within a three-year period, entering these letters with the auditors within six months in testimony - witness dated the 21 day of May, 1741.

The Charles Cox I family was a strong hardworking colonial family who worked early and late to help make America great. His wisdom and pioneering spirit has been continued through his bloodline more than two hundred and forty one years in Onslow County.

When Charles Cox I made his will, March 11 , 1771, he was rich in age, family, friends and worldly wealth. Charles Cox I was a highly respected citizen and a prosperous business man. He willed to his wife, Rebecca, and his son, Charles, land whereon he lived with grist mill. Charles Cox, Jr., son of Charles Cox 1, was Durant Cox's father. Durant Cox, son of Charles Cox, Jr. was Eli Cox's father. Eli Cox, son of Durant Cox was Arthur Crispus Cox's father. Arthur Crispus Cox, son of Eli Cox was father of Woodrow W. Cox.
Sources: Will of Charles Cox: census records; Onslow County records; family records; personal knowledge.

- Woodrow W. Cox

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CHARLES COX, JR.  (My great-great-great grandfather)

The Charles Cox, Jr. family story begins when Charles Cox, 1, his father, willed the homeplace, including the grist mill, whereon he lived. Charles, Jr. , being the first and oldest son, was assigned the duty of keeping his brother, Jesper, two sisters, Susanna and Sarah, and Rebecca, his widowed mother, family unit together. Charles, Jr. settled down and fulfilled this assignment.


About 1800, Charles Cox, Jr. married Sally Thompson. Four children were born of this union, namely: Durant Cox, firstborn son was born December 29, 1805. Daughter, Norma Ann Cox, daughter Sarah Cox, son Charles Cox III was born December 31 , 1822. Charles Cox, Jr.'s first wife died and on September 12, 1830 he married his second wife, Elizabeth Foster. Two children were born of this marriage: Son, Harmon Cox, daughter, Miriam Cox.

NEW Valuable information from Jim Jarman (I lost his e-mail and request that he contact me again): "I solved the mystery of Uerrania Cox, daughter of Charles and Sally Thompson Cox. The Mormon Church data bank has her born August 9, 1808, to Charles and Sally Thompson Cox of Onslow Co., NC. I know this conflicts with your records but this information is solid, I believe.
I stumbled on your site quite by accident. I knew Cox was one of the names in my Jarman family history. Eli Cox, your gr-grandfather I believe, was the son of Durant Cox and Mary Ann Jarman. Mary Ann Jarman was the daughter of Braddock Jarman and Mary Adams. Braddock Jarman was my gr-grandfather Willoughby Jarman's uncle. Further, Eli Cox and Willoughby Jarman [along with five of his brothers] served in Company A of the 35th Regiment of the Confederate States of America. Adding mystique to this story is the fact I wrote a book [fiction, so far unpublished] about all the battles you mentioned. How our gr=grandfathers survived the horrible carnage and suffering is more than one can imagine. Willoughby was also wounded but survived until the end. He also was captured at the Battle of Ft. Stedman, and imprisoned at Pt. Lookout. I know they had to know each other, cousins, both from the same area, maybe even friends. In the fiction of my book Eli and Willoughby were close." 

Harmon Cox enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 10, 1862, Onslow County, North Carolina, Sixty-First North Carolina Regiment, Company K - died in service January 5, 1864 - unmarried. Miriam Cox married Haskel Marshburn September 19, 1851, by Harvey Cox. Charles Cox, Jr. died in the fall of 1838. Durant Cox, son of Charles, Jr., served as administrator of his father's estate from November, 1838, to February, 1839, the 63rd year of our independence. Charles Cox, Jr. was the father of Durant Cox, Durant Cox was the father of Eli Cox, Eli Cox was the father of Arthur Crispus Cox, Arthur Crispus Cox was the father of Woodrow W. Cox.

Sources: Will of Charles Cox; census records, Onslow County records, family records; personal records

- Woodrow W. Cox

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DURANT COX (My great-great grandfather)

durant grave.jpg (60189 bytes)
Durant Cox was born December 29, 1805, about three miles north of Richlands, Onslow County, N.C. He was administrator to settle his father, Charles Cox's estate between two sets of children. Durant married Mary Jarman, May 28, 1883, three years after his father married Elizabeth Foster, his second wife, who bore two children by this marriage: Miriam who married Haskel Marshburn, and Harmon (unmarried) who served in the great Civil War and died while in service, Confederate Army.

Durant Cox and wife Mary Jarman were hard-working farmers and mill operators. They built the Cox Mill on the Cox's Mill Run during the year of 1850. This mill operated for about seventy years in the crossroads of survival on the farm, now owned by the Reuben Cox heirs: Anthony, Eleanor, Alice, and Orville Cox.

The children of Durant Cox and Mary Jarman were: (1) Charles Cox born May 18, 1 834: married Orpole C. Howard February 21 1860. He died August 3, 1862 - a war casualty. Charles and Orpole had one child, Sally Cox, who married Bryant Koonce.

charles grave.jpg (100674 bytes)

(2) Mary Cox (unmarried) born November 18, 1836, and died winter of 1894. (3) Sarah Jane Cox, born May 28, 1838, married first John F. Jones and had two children: Sarah C. Jones (b. June 15, 1857) and Mary F. Jones (b. Jan. 10, 1859). John F. Jones died March 1 , 1859. She married secondly Bill Ervin and had daughters Lessie Ervin, Lou Ervin, and sons Starkie Ervin, Andrew Ervin, Aquilla Ervin, and Hugh Ervin. (4) Eli Cox, born October 11 , 1840, died Nov. 1, 1912, and married Huldah Shaw. (5) William Cox, born April 15, 1843, and died 1865 when Grant took Richmond. The great Civil War that freed slavery for the United States.

Durant Cox died November 17, 1867 , at age 62. He was a highly respected -citizen of Onslow County who was a good father, a good husband, a good neighbor, and a man who believed in God and helped build the Methodist Church in Richlands and New Haw Branch Church -1856 and 1861. He also served on the local school board. A.J. Johnson, Clerk to the Board.

Durant Cox was father of Eli Cox Eli Cox was father of Arthur Crispus Cox, Arthur Crispus Cox was father of Woodrow W. Cox.

Sources: Will of Charles Cox; census records; Onslow County records, family records; personal knowledge.

- Woodrow W. Cox

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ELI COX (My great grandfather)

eli grave.jpg (84396 bytes)
Eli Cox, son of Durant Cox and Mary Jarman, was born October 11 , 1840, about three miles north of Richlands, Onslow County, N.C. A man of small stature, his story is a very colorful one. He married Huldah Shaw, daughter of Reuben Shaw about 1875 and died suddenly the morning of November 1 , 1912. They were affectionately known as Uncle Eli and Aunt Huldah. One son was born of this union: Arthur Crispus Cox, Eli Cox was wounded in the Confederate Army when Grant took Richmond. The bone in his leg below the knee was shattered by a piece of artillery shell which he carried to his grave.

Heavy responsibility was placed on his shoulders when his father, Durant, died November 17, 1867. The Reconstruction days bankrupted this family. He was a prisoner of war, discharged by the Provost Marshall's office June 2l, 1865, and pledged by oath and did solemnly swear to support, protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States of America.

The 1870 census shows the Eli Cox family as: Eli, age 29; Mary, his mother, age 68; and Mary, age 36. Eli Cox was a farmer, grist miller, soldier - honest as the days are long. He accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal savior when he was old and gray, but when he repented, he was a soldier for the Lord. His story goes that he was true witness for God all the rest of his life and did much preaching to the vast number of people who brought their grain to his mill.

Eli Cox was the father of Arthur Crispus Cox, Arthur Crispus Cox was the father of Woodrow W. Cox.

Sources: Census records - Onslow County records; family records, personal knowledge.

- Woodrow W. Cox

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mary grave.jpg (103765 bytes)   arthur grave.jpg (106072 bytes)
Arthur Crispus Cox, born November 25, 1877, in Richlands in Onslow County, N.C. He married Mary Elizabeth Canady about the turn of the century. She was the daughter of Joseph Canady and Eliza Jarman. Eliza Jarman, daughter of Braddock Jarman, as shown on 1850 census. She was born August 8, 1878, and died March 5, 1962.

Arthur Crispus Cox was a man of many trades; gifted with the energetic ability to rear a family of nine children, five boys and four girls. He died October 27, 1952, at age 74.
Mary Elizabeth Cox was a God-fearing, hard-working Christian, born-again child of God, who along with Arthur Crispus Cox, her husband, genuinely loved people. Both were very wise in the philosophy of life. She died March 5, 1962, at age 84. Children of this union:

Joseph M. Cox, born August 19, 1900 (Died October 20, 1995), married Maude Barnes (born May 20, 1902; Died May 5, 1985), 1922, both now living in Norfolk Virginia. Two sons, Joseph M. Cox, Jr. and Millard Lee Cox (born December 27, 1931 and died July 22, 1999).      For more information see Joseph M. Cox web page.

Millard Lee Cox, born February 4, 1903. Died in the U.S. Navy, October 4, 1925 (unmarried). For more information, see the Millard L. Cox web page.

millard grave.jpg (84782 bytes)

Hugh Dalton Cox, born October 8, 1905, married Hazel Taylor. Two children: Hugh Dalton Cox, Jr. and Betsy Cox Morris. (My Father died on November 30, 1988)

Annie Mae Cox , born January 8, 1908, married Elbert Canady (now deceased) has three children: Elbert Canady, Jr., William Arthur Canady, and Mona Canady Baysden (address, Richlands, N.C.). (My Aunt Annie Mae died on August 13, 1998 and was the last surviving child of Mary and Arthur Cox )

Reuben Crispus Cox, born November 25, 1910, married Evelyn Paderick. Evelyn died February 1976, and Reuben died April 23, 1978. Four children of this union: Anthony Poe Cox, Eleanor Cox VanAlstyne, Alice Cox Brown, and James Orville Cox.

Woodrow W. Cox, born September 26, 1911, married Doris Jarman, November 30, 1935. One child: Donna Cox Sorrell.

Burma Dell Cox, born February 21, 1914, married Rodolph M. Whaley. Four children: Rodolph Whaley, Jr., Mary Jinell Whaley Hawkins, Roberta Whaley Whaley, and Carol Whaley Tripp.

Julia Grace Cox, born March 17, 1916, married Garland Huffman. Three children Barbara Huffman Dumphey, David Cox Huffman, and Lynn Huffman. (Julia Grace Cox Huffman died on November 19, 1995 and Garland Huffman died on November 12, 1997)

Josephine Esther Cox, born January 14, 1918, married Drafford Huffman. Four children: Ann Huffman Radick, Morris Huffman, Jerry L. Huffman, and Kenneth Huffman, all now living in Jacksonville, Onslow County, N. C.

Sources: Census records Onslow County records. family records; personal knowledge.

- Woodrow W. Cox

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cox10a.jpg (75820 bytes)
Circa 1913 - From Left: Mary Canady Cox's sister, Annie - standing with three infants. The middle child is believed to be Annie Mae Cox. Mary Canaday Cox is believed to be holding the hands of Woodrow and Reuben. Grandma Huldah Shaw Cox is holding the hands of Reuben and Hugh. Millard and Joseph are on each side of the bicycle.  The photo appears to be taken on day when leaves were still on the trees, but long sleeves and bare feet were comfortable.

wpe2F.jpg (1009 bytes)

WOODROW W. COX (He was my Uncle and my Father's younger brother. Uncle "Bo" was a published writer and poet. He loved genealogy and collected most of the materials of this web site. He worked as an insurance representative of Jefferson Standard - all of his family regarded him as their insurance agent. Dennis Rogers of the Raleigh News and Observer  wrote an article on his achievements. He passed away in 1996 leaving us only with memories of his creativity, common sense and energy. He is survived by his wife, daughter and grandchildren.)

Woodrow W. Cox, was born September 26, 1911, in the same farm locality his father, Arthur Cox, his grandfather, Eli Cox, and great-grandfather, Durant Cox, were born. This plat of land has been in the Cox family for over 240 years.

Woodrow W. Cox married Doris Jarman, daughter of Frank Thompson Jarman and Flossie Coston November 30, 1935. They have one daughter, Donna Cox Sorrell married to Jesse Judson Sorrell, Jr., December 20, 1969 and two children were born of this marriage namely: Kelli Renee Sorrell, born September 5, 1976 and Drew Wilson Sorrell, born June 9. 1978.

Woodrow W. Cox, man of many talents, farmer, carpenter, salesman, writer, poet, publisher, businessman and a person who loves people. Many good things could be said in his behalf, but the feature article on his life written August 19, 1980 for The News and Observer states it best: "Ordinary Man Lives a Purposeful Life." Not many left.

      "We are not all saintly persons, I would not have you think,
      The path I walk is treacherous, I'm always on the brink.
      Perhaps you, too, should realize that to be good men and true
      Is to think and act our very best, is the least that we should do."

     - By: W.W. Cox

Woodrow W. Cox, son of Arthur C. and Mary Canady Cox. Arthur C. Cox, son of Eli Cox and Huldah Shaw Cox. Eli Cox, son of Durant and Mary Jarman Cox. Durant Cox, son of Charles Cox, Jr. and Sally Thompson. Charles Cox, Jr., son of Charles Cox I and Rebecca Cox, will dated March 11, 1771.

      ''If you could meet your ancestors all standing in a row
       There might be some of them, you wouldn't care to know.
       But there's another question which requires a different view,
       If you could meet your ancestors, would they be proud of you"

The Cox families of Onslow County have a very rich heritage dating back even before 1741. I'm proud to be written up as one of them.

Source: Personal knowledge.

- Woodrow W. Cox

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(end of educational materials used with permission of Woodrow W. Cox Family)

cox20.tif (49575 bytes)
Ma Cox, Jinelle, Carol, Roberta, Eleanor and Aunt Annie at the rear of the 1934 home about 1952.